Two Bucks? Three Books!

Today I am proud to host bestselling sci-fi author, Craig Martelle, in my newsletter.

He’s been both an inspiration and a friend, and for the past year, he has given me some pointers along the way.

Today, 9/26, through Thursday, 9/28, we are running a multi-book promo together. Three books, for less than two dollars. It’s a steal.

Pick up Static for $0.99 (free for Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime customers). Click thumbnail to view on Amazon.

Elliot Glassman began the war. Halloran will end it.

In the aftermath of electromagnetic storms, civilization has fractured—savages rule the wilderness and pockets of survivors huddle together in camps trying to fend them off. Halloran, different and dangerous, leaves the peace and safety of his home to journey across the badlands, pulled towards someone he can feel and almost remember—and together they might just be able to save what remains of humanity.

And while you’re at it, Go ahead and scoot over to Free Trader by Craig Martelle

A cat and his human minions fight to bring peace to humanity! If you like Sci-Fi adventure, Andre Norton, or a little old-school RPG, then the Free Trader series is for you! From Sep 26-29, Free Trader 1 is Free and Free Trader 2 is only 99 cents. Start your journey today with the Free Trader (six books strong and growing).

Free Trader 1 –

Free Trader 2 –




The Date is Nigh

Hello Thalmannators (or whatever you want to call yourselves), September 15th is less than two weeks away. That means that in less than two weeks you will have a fantastic new book to add to your library, Static. This book has been near and dear to me

Kindle version 4-10

for over a decade, and I assure it has been worth the wait.

Many of my fans will have gotten an advance reading copy from me during the crowdfunding campaign, and some of you will have even read it… even so, please go ahead and pre-order a copy HERE for your Kindle device, or Kindle app, so that you can leave an official review of the book. If you are holding out for the paperback or even the coveted hardcover, then stay tuned as I will be releasing the print copies soon as well. In the mean time, if you have read it, please prepare a review, and if you haven’t, please pick it up today. A few bucks spent could make a load of difference in this author’s world.

As always,

Thank you for your support, and keep reading!  —M.D. Thalmann